ProMETA has programs which equip leaders for a more biblical and effective Christian ministry. The programs provide depth of learning and online communication between students and professors.

The variety of programs offered by ProMETA include formal Masters, short postgraduate programs and an undergraduate Certificate in Missions which includes short courses.


ProMETA offers the Masters in Biblical Studies and the Masters in Christian Leadership. The requirement for these programs is only a university degree in any career. Graduates are biblical leaders who can respond to current challenges with contextualized theological reflection.

Students who meet the ProMETA Masters requirements may receive a Masters of Theology from the South African Theological Seminary. The title is recognized by the South African government and can be recognized in many countries in the world.

Certificate in Postgraduate Studies

ProMETA also offers Certificates in Postgraduate Studies which require the student to take five courses. After receiving the certificate, if the student is accepted on the Master’s program, the credits may be used for five Master’s courses.

Elective courses

It is possible to take a limited number of freestanding courses without formally registering for a program. There are some degree level courses which students can take to meet the registration requirements for the ProMETA programs.

Accessible Missiological Training

This program seeks to prepare missionaries, mission leaders and mobilizers, by studying a series of short, undergraduate courses as part of an experience of transformational studies in the area of Missions.  The first level course is the first part of a Diploma in Intercultural

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