Payment Instructions for ProMETA Courses

There are two payment methods. Follow the instructions for the method you prefer to use.

Payment Method 1  – Bank deposit (within Costa Rica)

Payment Method 2 – Credit card (PayPal)

Payment Method 3 – Credit card (EFCA)

Payment Method 4 – Money transfer (Western Union or MoneyGram)


[tab_item title=”Método 1″]Payment Method 1  – Bank deposit (within Costa Rica)

If you are in Costa Rica you may make a deposit at the Banco Nacional (BNCR)

In dollars: 100-02-072-000036-7 (Customer account 15107210020000369) In colones: 100-01-072-000084-1 (Customer account 15107210010000842) In colones: 100-01-072-002120-0 (Customer account 15107220010021202)


[tab_item title=”Método 2″]Payment Method 2 – Credit card (PayPal)

    1. Create a PayPal account (if you do not have one)
    2. Login to your PayPal account
    3. Click on Pay or send money
    4. In the To (email) field, type or copy and paste the email for payment to ProMETA  [email protected].
    5. In the Amount field, type the amount in dollars according to your bill. Check that the field states USD – United States Dollars.
    6. IMPORTANT: Select Pay for Goods or Services from the Pay or send money options
    7. Click on the Next button.
    8. Follow the instructions for finalizing the payment transaction.


[tab_item title=”Método 3″]Payment Method 3 – Credit card (EFCA)

If you do not have a PayPal account and you do not wish to create one, you may use your credit card to pay through the EFCA website. Click here to access the Payments page.  Copy this account number into the Designation field (2600-5219).

[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Método 4″]Payment Method 4 – Money transfer (Western Union or MoneyGram)

You may pay by Western Union or MoneyGram. The transfer must be made to Bridget Ann Bennett in San José, Costa Rica, along with her ID Number which you can request in writing, to Immediately after making the transfer, please send a message to the ProMETA Administrator at [email protected]  with a copy to [email protected]. The message must state 1) Transfer date 2) Name of person sending the transfer 3) The country that the transfer was sent from 4)the Transaction Number 5)The transfer amount. Once the message has been received, you will receive instructions on how to enter your virtual course using your access password. [/tab_item]


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