How long does it take a student to finish a ProMETA Masters program?

It is possible to graduate in less than three years if you take two courses per bimester. This requires approximately 15 hours of study a week, for both courses.


Where is the ProMETA office?

The production and administration headquarters for our institution are in San Jose, Costa Rica. However, as part of its distance learning educational model, ProMETA has staff on its team who work from a distance. Some work from places as remote as Chicago (U.S.A.), Miami (U.S.A.) and Spain.

Why doesn’t ProMETA have a residential program where you can take courses in a classroom?

Many people have had the privilege of attending a traditional university o seminary, where an excellent education is offered. However, the cost of this type of traditional education can be very high for most Latin Americans. In addition, the type of student which ProMETA would like to reach  – a church leader involved in a ministry – could not continue his/her studies if he/she had to move his family and leave his/her ministry in order to obtain more training.  This change would interrupt the ministry which is already impacting the community. In general terms, going to a seminary would mean going to another country to study. This would have enormous financial consequences for a family as well as the implications of a move and migration paperwork. ProMETA offers accessibility to an excellent education without having to sacrifice quality or the community.


Why does ProMETA only offer Masters programs?

When considering the wide range of education needs in Latin America, it was decided that the most strategic initial step for offering distance theological education, was to have a Masters program. We consider that it is at this level that we can achieve the best results in terms of time, staff and financial resources investment. As God blesses this effort, other areas will also be extended.

What does ProMETA offer which another seminary in my country does not offer?

As ProMETA is a new distance education program it has the freedom to design its curriculum within parameters which meet theological needs in Latin America. One of the characteristics which separate us from a traditional seminary or university   is our emphasis on integrating theological education with Latin culture. Moreover, ProMETA offers many of the courses you would expect to find at a conservative evangelical seminary.

Do I have to know English to study with ProMETA?

No. All the readings are in Spanish.

What type of computer do I need?

To see technical requirements,click here.

How do I install Flash Player?

You can visit the following link to download and install the latest version of the program: Adobe Flash Player.

How do I install Acrobat Reader?

You can download the most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader (This page may also have a marked option for downloading the Reader antivirus. It is up to you whether you install the antivirus or other additional programs). We recommend broadband for downloading the program.

If you prefer to install Acrobat Reader from one of our CDs, follow this procedure:

  • Right click on the CD unit icon in the ProMETA course and select ‘Open’.
  • Double click on the Acrobat Reader icon.
  • Follow the instructions and answer the questions in the installation assistant.


How do I open ZIP files?

Windows XP enables you to inspect ZIP files directly. If you double click on a ZIP file you will be able to see its contents.

There are other programs which enable you not only to open but also to carry out other types of actions with ZIP files. Two free options are 7-Zip y PeaZip.  A very popular shareware option is WinZIP.

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