Admission to ProMETA’s programs happen in two steps. In the first, each student registers for his or her first courses to get an orientation to ProMETA’s educational system. In the second step, the student formally applies to ProMETA’s post-graduate program. The student may begin the second step while he or she is taking the first orientation courses.

General Requirements:
  • An academic degree or bachelor’s, or equivalent degree, in any field of study.
  • If the student does not have a degree in theology, the applicant will take some prerequisite courses.
  • A genuine Christian testimony
Application Process:

First Stage: Admission to orientation courses

  1. Fill out the admission form to sign up for first course(s).
  2. Send us a copy by email of the student’s identification and a copy of the earned degree. ProMETA reserves the right to ask for additional documents if so merited.

If accepted in this step, the student will be allowed to register for ProMETA’s courses for up to 4 months, or 2 bimesters.

Second Stage: Admission to the academic program

Fill out the second part of the application form and send in additional documents. Admission to the formal programs  depends on the student’s performance in the first courses taken with ProMETA, as well as in their previous studies.

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