Accredited Programs

ProMETA students who have finished their course of study have the opportunity to receive an internationally-recognized master’s diploma through ProMETA‘s partnership with the Evangelical Seminary of Lima as well as the South African Theological Seminary (Seminario Teológico Sudafricano).

In addition to this partnership, the academic dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago, IL, Dr. Tite Tiénou, recognizes ProMETA‘s educational programs:

“as compatible with the post-graduate programs of our institution- Trinity Evangelical Divinity School- and with similar programs throughout the United States. We encourage other academic institutions to recognize ProMETA’s legitimate and academically solid programs of study at the master’s level. We will welcome the graduates of ProMETA in our advanced post-graduate study programs.”

accreditadosProMETA is also affiliated with the Evangelical Association of Theological Education in Latin America.
As an international theological institution, ProMETA continues to form partnerships and alliances with like-minded institutions for the purpose of expanding accreditation options around the world. Click on this link below to learn more about partnerships ProMETA has developed.

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